Pool Safety Barrier Inspections

At Pool Safety Barrier Inspections, we provide a comprehensive range of services to enable you to achieve pool compliance against the relevant Australian Standards. We provide pool barrier inspections that will provide the owner with a Swimming Pool Certificate of Barrier Compliance or, if the pool barrier is not compliant at the time of swimming pool inspection, a full report detailing what is to be rectified in order to achieve compliance.

Since 2000, 27 young children have fatally drowned in Victorian private swimming pools and spas. In at least 20 of those cases, the non-compliance of the safety barrier was a contributing factor.

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Booking Pool Barrier Inspections

At Pool Safety Barrier Inspections, we offer two types of Pool Barrier Inspection services. A Safety Barrier Inspection service to obtain a ‘Certificate of Barrier Compliance’ is conducted when the owner considers the pool/spa to be compliant (or close to). The inspector will attend the property and conduct an inspection. Once the safety barrier is certified as compliant the owner is provided with a Certificate of Barrier Compliance’ to lodge with council. The Safety Barrier Inspection service costs $360 (includes Certificate). At this stage, the owner has completed their legal obligations.


Some pool/spa owners know that their pool barrier is unlikely to be compliant. Pool Safety Barrier Inspections can provide an inspection service and detailed report. The report provides owners with specific details about the compliance status of their pool/spa and advises how to fix the issues. Owners have 60 days to remedy these issues. Once owners have completed the repairs required, the Pool Safety Inspector re-attends for a re-inspection to obtain the ‘Certificate of Compliance’. The Consultation Report is $260. Re-inspection (including Certificate) is up to $180, depending upon complexity.

No Re-Inspection or Hidden Fees