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Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance

Have you been advised by Council that you need a pool compliance certificate?

At Pool Safety Barrier Inspections, we provide a pool and spa inspection service and will issue a ‘Certificate of Compliance’ if safety standards are met.

We provide free advice and support including ‘DIY checklists’ in preparation for an inspection. Our pool certification services ensure that owners of swimming pools and spas have a compliant safety barrier in accordance with the legislation and relevant Australian Standards.

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Experts in Pool Inspection

Our Pool Safety Inspectors have a thorough understanding of pool and spa barrier safety and the legislative requirements. Our service is designed for your convenience and you can easily book to meet your safety objectives.

Pool Safety Barrier Inspections provide easy to follow inspection reports, designed so that pool owners know exactly how to achieve compliance. They include specific advice, photos and images unique to your pool or spa. We have a range of local tradespeople we recommend who cover smaller jobs through to new barrier installations. Reports and Certificates are provided within 24 hours of your inspection. Your ‘Certificate of Barrier Compliance’ is valid for 4 years from the date of issue.

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