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Pool Inspections Pricing & Costs in Melbourne

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Safety Barrier Inspections

The cost of an inspection (to obtain a Certificate of Barrier Compliance) is $320 (incl. GST). This includes any re-inspections which may be required.


The reason we don't charge for re-inspections is so that you know we are invested in helping you achieve compliance. 


Once your safety barrier is certified as compliant you will be provided with a Swimming Pool Certificate of Barrier Compliance to lodge with council.

At this point you will have completed your legal obligations.

If your Barrier is deemed ‘Non Compliant’ then you will need to fix the issues or arrange for a tradesman to assist.

Legislative timeframes apply and Owners have 60 days to remedy the issues.  (Some exceptions may apply subject to Council approval). 

We also provide handy free ‘self-assessment checklists’ that Owners can use to assess their own Barrier.  This maximises the chances of achieving Compliance at the first inspection and avoids a re-inspection. 

Re-Inspection & Certificate

Reinspection + the Certificate is FREE for our service area (including Bayside, Kingston, Frankston, Stonnington, Yarra or Glen Eira).  Contact us first if you reside outside of these areas.  


If your barrier has been assessed as non-compliant you will be provided with a detailed report outlining what issues are to be rectified.

The report contains images (such as shown below) to help you rectify a non-compliant issue.

Example of Window modifications



When these repairs have been completed the Inspector re-attends and is then able to issue the Certificate of Barrier Compliance. 

Pool Inspections Pricing & Costs in Melbourne

Consultation Service

This service is for:

- Owners seeking advice on the status of their pool barriers well ahead of their legislative deadlines. 

- Owners seeking to change, modify or install barriers at some stage in the future


- Property Managers, Real Estate Agents or Vendors looking to assess the barriers prior to, or during, tenancies and purchases. 

This service is $260 (incl. GST) and includes a physical inspection & report. The report provides specific details about the compliance status against the 'applicable barrier standard'.

The report contains detailed descriptions, images & photos explaining what is required to achieve compliance and how to resolve each issue.  We can provide further details or recommend businesses that can assist from 'handy-men', safety product suppliers & pool fence installers. 


This does not result in a 'Certificate of Compliance'.  However if the barrier is compliant and the Owner wishes to obtain a Certificate this can be obtained within 60 days for $60 (incl. GST).  

Additional Fees by Council

If your safety barrier has been found to be non-compliant and there is a major safety risk then an additional fee may be charged by Council.

An example of a ‘major safety risk’ is having ‘no boundary fence’ and the public can walk into your pool area.

Council may take enforcement action to compel owners to fix the safety issue.

Further Information

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